General Marine Contracting

Docks and Piers

Restore your dock or pier, or build a brand new one with the help of Circle Zebra Fabricators. Our crew is there to build your dock or pier to the highest standards, with long- lasting materials.

Boat Lifts

Build a boat lift suited to fit your needs and budget, including piling mount boat lifts, drive on boat lifts, cradle boat lifts and marine elevator boat lifts.

Dock Pilings

Dock pilings are the vertical supports for your dock or pier, going deep into the waterway bottom.


Piles are driven to engineering specifications, and even deeper if there will be a boat-lift adding more weight.



Vinyl seawalls are used for soft-bottom applications, such as lakefronts and inland canals with low water movement.


Aluminum seawalls are used for hard-bottom applications where there is low water movement and minimum boat traffic.


Concrete seawalls are suitable where the site has crane access.


Steel seawalls are used in extreme adverse conditions, such as where there is fast water and a hard bottom.

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